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AI written autobiography author with his grandkids

How it works?

Writing a book about your life has never been easier. Follow these 3 simple steps to create a meaningful autobiography.


Sign Up & Create Your Account

Begin your journey by signing up for a free AI LifeStory account. This will give you access to our intuitive platform and all the tools you need to start writing your autobiography.


Answer Thought-Provoking Questions

Chat with our AI interviewer, who will ask you individual and thought-provoking questions about your life.
Don't want to type? No problem! You can also record your answers using your voice.


Review, Edit & Share Your Story

When you finish interview, AI will write a compelling story and create a beautiful digital book about your life.
You can edit it to your taste: add personal touches and cherished photos to create a truly unique keepsake.

Give your loved ones the best you can: Your Presence, Your Wisdom, Your Story. Never lose touch with your family and make your mark on generations to come.

Check out breathtaking stories from our customers

“I got this app as a present from my husband on our 17 year anniversary. He wanted us to reflect on our journey as a couple and write two autobiography books which we will share with each other. I was skeptical at first, I am so bad at writing, but it turned out great - this app is so easy to use and it literally writes the book for you. It was incredibly touching when we got to read each other's books and remember how lucky we are to have each other. And we will certainly share these books with our kids(maybe without a few chapters haha)”

Ashley Miller
Unexpected present brought her and her husband closer

“My grandma got really sick recently and got to the hospital for a long time. It hit me when I realized that I don't even know her that well. And that I have limited time left with her. So I was looking for a way to entertain her in the hospital and at the same time, preserve all the cool things that make her such a great person. That's when AI Life Story comes in, it could not have been a better present! We got so much more bonded when she was showing me stories she remembered with help of an AI assistant, we cried and laughed a lot together while she was writing a book. And I will be so proud to show this book to my own grandkids some time. Or write my own too. :)”

Found a perfect present for her grandma

“I have always been a troublemaker... Someone who gets in danger, rebellious kid. I travelled the world, volunteered, got caught by the gang and could lose my life so many times... But I regret nothing, I've met amazing people and seen so many different ways of living. It certainly made me a better person. Glad that I stumbled upon this great app that helps you recollect all those memories and write them down like a real writer. I haven't even noticed how I finished the whole book, it felt like talking to a friend. My grandkids read it with an awe and I hope it will inspire them to be brave and live their lives on their own terms.”

Wrote a book about his adventures

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