Join our affiliate program and earn with us!

You'll get a 30% commission on all purchases made by new subscribers you bring in through your affiliate link.

Affiliate parntership

The Process

Follow these simple steps to start earning with our affiliate program.


Enroll and get referral link

Once you enroll in our affiliate program, you'll be assigned a distinct link that you can distribute.


Spread this link amongst your circle

Followers, friends, family, and colleagues. Each new sign up that comes from your link will earn you a 30% cut from all their expenditures, directly deposited into your PayPal account!


Get paid every year

Here's a scenario: If your friend Bob follows your link and subscribes to our $139/year package, you'll instantly receive $41,7 and continue to do so yearly for as long as Bob remains a customer.

Our Guidelines

Just like any deal, there are a few guidelines to follow, which we've kept as straightforward as possible to maintain our friendly relationship.

  • Self-referencing is prohibited (i.e., signing up using your own affiliate link).
  • Any form of misuse or deception is not tolerated and may lead to permanent account termination.
  • Creating ads on our behalf on any platform, including search engines and social media, is prohibited. We aim to avoid confusion and competition with our own marketing.
  • Impersonating us, for instance, claiming to be an employee, is not permitted as it can mislead others.

Our Pledge to You

  • We guarantee yearly PayPal payouts for your referral earnings, provided they exceed $50 USD. Make sure to provide a valid PayPal email.
  • Referral cookies last 60 days, and subscriptions made within this period count towards your commission. If a referral isn't reflected, reach out to us.
  • Expect notifications if our affiliate Terms of Service change. We'll keep you informed.

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